EAP Heat Best Sellers

You probably know that EAP Heat specializes in offering the latest in ceramic iron technology for the ultimate style. There are many types of products at EAP Heat ranging from flat irons, curlers to other hair products. So we’ll list here top 5 best sellers that might be the items you’re searching for.


With three layers of ceramic, the EAP Heat Ceramic 1 3/4” Hair Styling Iron evenly distributes Far Infrared (FIR) heat that helps eliminate unnecessary frizzing.  Enjoy styles with body, movement, and incredible shine.

Price: $ 199.00
$ 149.00 

2. EAP Limited Edition Crystal 1″ Flat iron

This product has temperature Range from 140°F to 450°F. It looks so stylish as it is covered in crystals for a perfect sleek look.

Price: $ 179.00


This styling iron is ideal for straightening or styling short hair.

Price: $ 84.99

4. EAP 1″ Ceramic Flat Iron

This is another flat iron which is not so different from other items of its kind at EAP Heat. Just experience its great quality and your silky hair after using it.

Price: $ 139.99

5. EAP 1 inch Titanium Flat Iron 2.0

The EAP 1 Inch Titanium Styling Iron 2.0 reaches 450°F and uses titanium plates that are perfect for super straight hair. This styling iron is ideal for at home styling and gives great shine.

Price: $ 110.00

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