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Hail Protector – The best automobile car cover system

Established in 2011, Hail Protector is a Texas corporation for the purpose of developing, manufacturing, and distributing the patented Hail Protector Automobile. They provide a portable system automobile hail protective insurtech system that protects automobiles from the damaging effects of any size hail. The Hail Protector System is as much about providing you peace of mind on days when severe weather is not imminent in your state or at your address. The ability to be prepared in every way enables you to install your system in the most composed fashion, oftentimes well ahead of the first raindrop. The Hail Forecast portion of the mobile app is most important, as it enables you to look as much as 8 days into the future for hail forecasted across the USA. After installation, The Hail Protector System will repack to a size between 3 cubic feet (CAR1 size) and 5 cubic feet (SUV3 size), depending on the size of the system. The longest dimension after packing is roughly 26 inches, no matter which size system you own.

Every Hail Protector System Includes:

  • Selected Cover Size
  • The Complete Hali Protector Accessory Bag. 
  • Cover Storage bag, of ample size, with cinching straps and drawstring
  • One Year Subscription to the Hali Protector Mobile App
  • One Year Parts and Labor Warranty
Hail Protector - The best automobile car cover system

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In some areas, it sometimes hails and you can not prepare for your car, that’s truly bad for you and your cars too. Don’t worry! Now we have hail protector, yes it’s like the name of the brand. Your car will be protected fully and completely from hails. It’s no longer damage for your loved car and it’s easy to protect your car now!

Automobile Protection Invented in Hail Country by Car Lovers Like You.

Hail Protector


Hail Storm Products is a Texas corporation formed in 2011 for the quest of developing, manufacturing and distributing the patented Hail Protector Automobile Hail Protection System.

Hail damage to automobiles reaches nearly 1 billion dollars each year and occurs throughout the Continental US resulting in tremendous loss of vehicle value and owner inconvenience while seeking repair or replacement.

Hail Storm Products hold an Intellectual Property portfolio consisting of one utility patent, a high-performance early warning alert service and hail damage related URLs. Born from identifying a solution that did not exist within the automotive industry for hail damage prevention products, 5+ years of design, prototyping, and testing, they bring to your products and services which will revolutionize the way in which consumers and businesses respond to the threat of hail.

Hail Storm Products is always interested in discussions with individuals or businesses who care about participating in revolutionizing this market segment.

Hail Protector Features and Performance

Proven to Stop ANY SIZE HAIL

Pays for Itself 15 Times on First Event

Patented Technology (US 8,985,672)

Hail Protector
Hail Protector

Includes Hail Forecast and Alert Mobile App

Includes Three Power Options for Every Situation

Portable and Rolls Up Small Because it Uses Air Flow

Remote Controlled from 100 feet away

Hail Protector
Hail Protector

Protecting Thousands Worldwide

8 Years of Testing in the Real World

Protect Your Automobile for Years with One System

Sun, Dust, Debris, Heat Protection too

Hail Protector
Hail Protector

Proven Effective in 80 mph Wind Gusts

Designed + Tested in the US Hail Corridor

Hail Protector Reviews

From great personal attention to truly testing this product

Chuck P, March 27, 2017

PERSONALLY TESTED: From great personal attention to truly testing this product, it is worth the price for “peace of mind” when hail is around the corner. I have a truck that is too long to fit in my garage. So, I purchased the Hail Protector as I live in Texas and with Spring comes some damaging storms. The timing couldn’t have been better. Two days after receiving my cover, it hailed up to baseball size hail in some areas. Saw the warnings using the app provided with the cover. Monitored the storms developing throughout the day. Put the cover on the truck, pushed the button and no more concerns. (except for the rest of the house and property). In the morning, removed the cover, rolled it up and placed it back in the handy bag it came with for the next storm. We all have insurance to repair our vehicles, but we also don’t have the time to deal with it. ROI on this cover for me is the time, cost and inconvenience it saves me from having to deal with insurance, car rentals and body shops.

IMPORTANT – SIZING! Make sure you get the right size cover. I have a Silverado 2500. Its length is right at 230″. Although I bought the SUV3 cover, the right size cover FOR MY TRUCK was the SUV2. Hail Storm Products owner came to my house, swapped out the covers and refunded the difference. That is CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Amazing! Works just like the videos!

KatieTop, June 23, 2018

WOW, are we impressed! We have a full-size Tundra. Living in south-east Colorado we get Hail!!!! It took a little time to get it all set up, having the large size it is a lot of material. We sure do get looks and well? Some teasing of our neighbors as well. Well, we will see who is laughing at the spaceship in the driveway when our tundra is perfect after the storm and theirs isn’t. Amazing!!!!

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Hail Protector should I buy?

The best way to determine the size you need is to measure the length of your vehicle from bumper to bumper.  Although there are a few other variables to consider with trucks. For more details, check out their page titled “What Size for Me?”.

What is “breathable” fabric and why is it important?

Breathable fabric allows moisture (even from the dew point) and heat (from the outside environment) to escape from your vehicle’s paint finish. Trapped moisture and heat on your paint finish are damaging to your vehicle paint finish.  This is why most car covers utilize breathable fabric.

Beware of car covers that use PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) used in pool inflatables and covers that use rigid or flexible panels encased in breathable fabric.  If the rigid or flexible panels are not breathable, then it doesn’t matter what they are encased in.  These covers will not allow moisture to properly evaporate from your vehicle paint finish and will not allow heat to properly escape.

The Hail Protector System uses only breathable fabric and no rigid or flexible panels.

Will the Hail Protector scratch my automobile?

No.  The inner layer of the cover doesn’t move.   Even under storm conditions, the inner layer does not move.  No friction, no scratches.  In fact, if you reach inside of the cover, at the rear, where the velcro opening is located, you can attempt to move the inner layer physically with your hand and you’ll see how difficult it is to move.

Why do I need an early warning alert service and daily forecast?

No matter how effective the Hail Protector System is at stopping any size hail and protecting your entire vehicle, anywhere, if you are not aware of whether your state is in jeopardy of severe weather and/or not aware that your specific address is in jeopardy of severe weather and hail storm potential, then you are still guessing whether to install your cover or not.  The Hail Protector System is as much about providing you peace of mind on days when severe weather is not imminent in your state or at your address, as it is about providing you peace of mind on days when the mother of all hail storms is at your specific address.  The ability to be prepared in every way enables you to install your system in the most composed fashion, oftentimes well ahead of the first raindrop

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