Luxe Auto Concepts Review-Luxe LightWrap Universal Tint Kit – Light Smoke Review

Hello everyone, I am Jenifer Alien from Wise Choice Today. Are you a big fan of vehicle? Are you interested with DIY vinyl tinting option? Today I will introduce for you an effective place meeting all your demand about vehicle. It is Luxe Auto Concepts. Let’s follow this Luxe Auto Concepts Review to get more information about their store as well as receive a great gift from Luxe Auto Concepts coupon codes.

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Luxe Auto Concepts Review

Establishing at 2016, Luxe Auto Concepts is considered as the leading provider about Lightwrap Kits & Vinyl Lightwrap Kits & Vinyl, Pre-cut Kits, Decals & Tools, Accessories & Parts. The manufacture DIY restyling kits and serve as northwest Lousiana’s premiere restyling center. With the consistent mission, this store was founded to give automotive enthusiasts a DIY vinyl tinting option for vehicle’s lights with results that rival professional automotive paint. Thanks to advancements in LED lighting technology and new designs from Luxe Auto Concepts, your car will has never looked cooler. In addition, these products can give every chance to succeed when buying one of our kits, and for that reason we are continually innovating their products and methods.

Luxe Auto Concepts Products

  • Lightwrap Kits & Vinyl: Light-Wrap tint film is the most advanced on the market specifically designed for automotive lights.
  • Pre-cut Kits: You will find all vehicle specific tint overlays, PPF and vinyl kits.
  • Decals & Tools: decals are the highest quality, and we have install kits and tools for all types of vinyl
  • Accessories & Parts: Other products that we have personal experience with and approve.

Luxe LightWrap Universal Tint Kit – Light Smoke Review

Luxe Auto Concepts Review

This is one of the best products from Luxe Auto Concepts. This Light Wrap is the most advanced light tinting vinyl on the international market. It is not a bad choice for achieving a premium paint-like finish that can be removed safely. Thanks to high-quality and modern production technology, their Light Smoke shade has a subtle and even high gloss finish that is perfect for headlights creating an aggressive look to protect your lenses.


Universal tint kit Components includes

  • Sheet of LightWrap vinyl in selected size
  • Luxe install kit with knife
  • All components are bagged or wrapped to prevent marring during shipping
  • Their kit is packaged and shipped in a 3″ rigid tube
Luxe Auto Concepts Review

Install Kit Components

  • 12″x16″ soft microfiber cloth
  • Luxe Prep cleaning solution (Iso & h20 mixture)
  • Break away blade knife
  • Medium stiffness mini squeegee
  • Luxe decal (we hear it adds 20hp)
Luxe Auto Concepts Review

Thank for your reading this Luxe Auto Concepts Review. Hope you have a good day!!!

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